Friday, February 26, 2010

Blog Blind

Been reading a billion blogs the past few days and trying to get my own act together. But alas, I've crossed the blog limit and will crash if I read another. Its not a good feeling. There are so many great ones out there- its very intimidating!!! But I will persevere!

Here is your sunshine picture for the day... I know I need it. I grabbed this one because it reminds me of MY Colorado. Shout out to all my peeps if you're reading.

So, this week I've had my first comment from a reader I don't know, I've gotten a few more followers AND this is the really big one.... I am going to feature an artist next week. It is my very first feature! You all better tune in....I mean it! Maybe I'll make it a thing- like feature friday or something.... What do ya think? Although, that's an awful lot of pressure. And everyone who knows me knows I don't do well under pressure (cheerleader tryouts anyone?)

Well, I'll stop babbling on. As you can tell, I have nothing decor related today but thought I should write SOMETHING so you all know I'm alive. (I act like I have readers-ha-wishful thinking!).

REMEMBER: This week I'll write about some of the other blogs I've been looking at and I'm going to try and get my butt moving on some end tables that need rehabbing. Next week is feature week and if you don't stop by, I'll hunt you DOWN! (I'm trying a new thing to get readers- intimidation- working?)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Plans for an Exterior Facelift

So, I signed a contract for a painter to come this spring. He gave me paint chips to look through- the colors I've chosen (for the moment) are on the left. I've also drawn in a few changes I plan to make at the same time. I didn't draw this, but I plan to replace the black iron pillar at the corner of the porch with a solid white pillar. As a guide, I'm using these pictures.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking at kitchens and dreaming of mine... came across these photos from various mags that make me drool:
Love the bright colors of this one and would love to do this in my house. Only worry about resale.... not very neutral is it?

I really like the cool color of this one. Seems pretty comparable in size to my own kitchen. This one gives me hope! Of course, I think the ceilings are 10' which always makes spaces look larger... And, this is only half of it.. but I'll keep dreaming.

Again, I like the color of this one. This would match the color of my living room really well. Just worried I'm choosing brown to avoid using more adventurous colors...

This one is very contemporary and clutter free- sigh...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thinking about spring today and came across these great garden photos on I absolutely LOVE the blue gate! And, wish I had the guts to plant my entire front yard with plants. Maybe someday....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Use for Old Glass Jars

I never throw anything glass away and because of this, I have a huge stash of jars under my sink I really need to do something with. I have salsa jars, burned candles, spaghetti sauce jars.... you name it, I've got it. When I saw this picture in the Arhaus catalog the other day a light bulb flickered. And the rest is history. Here's what I came up with:

Wanna do it too? It's simple. Below are the things you'll need to complete this project:

First, choose your plants. I chose very small plants because I am working with small jars.

Second, make sure the jars are clean using soap and water and a scrub brush. For the stubborn stickies, use goo gone. It works like a charm. Then fill each jar with river rocks (I bought mine from Home Depot). There is no correct amount- just fill until you're satisfied. Note: make sure they are packed tightly before you add the dirt- otherwise, the dirt will fill in the cracks between the rocks.

Add your soil and plant. Note: use a soil engineered to suit the kind of plant you chose. Wa la! You have an interesting plant vase... Be careful not to water too much- the rocks provide a small amount of drainage but since there is no hole at the bottom of the jar, you could easily drown your plants.

Good luck and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The small figure is the current floor plan of my house created using Visio.

The large figure is the floor plan we are considering. I've circled the affected areas in red, the kitchen and bathroom. As it is, the kitchen has only a small area of counter space, small breakfast nook (a small table barely fits in it), no dishwasher, a tinsy oven and the list could go on for days. The remodeled kitchen would be open to the living room and the counter space would be extended into the nook. We would put a dining room table between the kitchen and the living room in an area that is currently wasted space. The bathroom we currently have is ridiculous and I won't even go into details. Lets just say you can do all you need to do without ever leaving the toilet. Some might consider this a convenience but I assure you, its not. To add space, we'd have to take out the closet in the second bedroom (and there isn't a spot to move it to in that room). Herein lies a heated debate in our house. Should the closet stay or go? Is it worse to have a bathroom the size of a thimble or a second bedroom without a closet (the bathroom would STILL be small by a normal person's standards, a palace to us though)? hmmmm.....

View Outside My Window

We've been getting dumped on over here. I've been in the house for days now- can't wait to get out!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here is a project I did using Amy Butler fabric (My FAV). Planning to redo because the fabric isn't on strait. It bothers me every time I look at it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Couch!!!

My husband and I decided it was TIME to get rid of our old couch when sitting on it felt like falling into a sinkhole. Plus, I'd washed the cushion covers so many times that they finally shrunk (or is it shrank?)-- leaving a treacherous gap between the two (helpful hint no. 1- if you're going to wash your couch covers stay on the safe side and don't dry them. Or, if you do, tumble dry low. That is unless you're trying to get your husband to agree to a new couch- oh that's sly:). We found ourselves clinging to opposite arms of the couch for fear of falling in... not good for cuddling.... Finally, my husband came to believe what I've been trying to convince him of for years- its GOT to go. Since I can't quite convince my husband to spring for the $4,000 dream couch I had in mind (its true, we do have a little mouth to feed now), we went to Macy's and picked this one out. Their prices are reasonable and I've seen many of the same styles in other catalogs for twice the price. Of course, for all I know, you may lose something in quality of construction or durability- only time will tell. But, for the average Joe trying not to buy a couch that will end up being a birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentines present for the next 30 years they've got good choices. My only wish is that I paid more attention to the green factor. Where does the wood come from? I need to look it up....Still trying to cope with the darkness of the leather- I am surprised every time I enter the living room. Afraid my house is starting to go too far "southwest" but I think I can make it work. I've started to experiment with fabrics and prints to dress it up a bit and it grows on me more everyday. I think I'll go stripes and florals. Anyway, Simon seems to like it....


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