Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Another week has begun and the painting STILL has not progressed!  I'm trying very hard not to get my underwear in a bunch (I hate the p word-just sounds gross).  I just called the man of mystery himself- something very unlike me- he's "on his way".  I guess its good its taking him a millennium to complete this project because I have more time to contemplate the door issue...which brings me to the point...

First of all, thank you to everyone who voted and thanks for your comments.  June and Melita!  What would I do without you?  Glad you finally took the plunge and voted, June- your opinion is important to me!  And Melita, you know me too well.  I did have a bias toward the green-how did you know?  Emily- you are so good to me!  Thanks for being a loyal reader.  Hope work is treating you well today;)  To the unidentified voters, you are the best...  hope you come and visit again soon!

The favorite is Leisure Blue!  And I used this weekend to think about the color.  My first inclination was to go with the green because, well, I just really like green.  But I thought about it a little and realized that I'm not trying to impress MYSELF with the door, but potential buyers down the road.  I am pretty sure that my taste is not always conventional, in fact I know its not.  Plus, Jason prefers the blue.  So, I think I'm going to go for it!  I think it will look really good. 

Of course, I'm going to wait until the paint is on the house before I make my absolute and final decision, so who knows, this may change.  But for now, blue it is! 

Thanks again guys!  More to come this week.  I'm planting my lettuce, broccoli and cabbage seeds.  BTW, starting lettuce indoors DOES NOT work, at least not for me.  My once beautiful sprouts are now pitiful, miserable, lifeless sprouts hanging on by a bare thread. Its not good for my conscience to throw green living things away, but in this case, I feel I need to put them out of their misery and start over.

Enjoy your day everyone and thanks again! 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Picking A Color for My Door. HELP!

The painters have been prepping my house for painting the past two weeks.  Contractors seem to work in short bursts then disappear for days- like they've completely exhausted all their energy reserves.  They must go to some secret alternate universe or something.  I guess I understand that they have other jobs, but its hard to rationalize when I'm antsy to see my house painted a be-uuutiful shade of "Popular Gray".  And, to be fair, I must mention that it is March in Ohio (meaning the weather is Crappy with a capital C).  Now that they're occasionally here I guess I can't procrastinate making the color choice for my door, and one day my shutters, any longer.  Blah. (AJ if you're out there I've stolen the "blah" and I'm using it.  I know there is practically zero chance that you're reading this, but just in case...You can't say I didn't give you credit).   I am no good at this!  Secretly, I started this blog so that I can defer the choice to you and then I'll blame you, the cyberspace community, if it looks bad.  Not really!  But I could really use a little help on this one.  Please refer to my poll on the left of this blog....  I've got to get votes for it to work, people....  Don't leave me hangin'.  Every vote counts.  OK I'll stop.  Here are your choices:


Or, Leisure Blue:
Now, if you'd like to see the house color, please refer to my earlier post concerning this subject.  Although, the color is considerably lighter than the one shown there, it will give you an idea. I have a habit of going too dark with colors so this time I picked a color I like and at the last minute, went up one on the swatch.  Its a light brown/gray. Nothing offensive- that was the aim here, I won't lie.  But I want my door to have a little personality....

What do you think?

P.S.  I reserve the right to completely chunk all of this and go with another color at the last minute (its a bad habit I have- at least it keeps things interesting, right?).  Also, if I don't like what you choose then I reserve the right to override your decision.  Now that we have all that settled, vote away!!!  If I haven't scared you out of it, that is...

hugs and kisses to everyone!  Oh, and PPS, I'm only painting the outside of the door and leaving the inside white (I think).  Well, what do you guys think about that??????  Will that look strange?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taking Pictures of Pictures

Happy almost spring!  The daffodils in my garden are blooming now.  So good to see after such a long winter.  I had to cut some for the house as a reminder when the sky turns gray again. 

Right now I'm working on a little family project.  My mother lent me the family picture album full of old, old family photos.  I'm walking on egg shells around it.. I'm so the type to ruin a book full of irreplaceable pictures dating back to before the 1900's!  Anyway.  I offered to scan them into the computer so the family can always have a digital copy- you know, in case little me's accidentally spill something on them somewhere down the line.  So, I thought I'd share some of the photos with you.  This one is my grandmother..  I think my son takes after her a little. 

My grandfather in uniform, 1943

My Grandmother when she was a student at Syracuse University

Bing Crosby.  I mean Grampee (my grandfather).
This woman's hat is amazing! The note on the back says "Aunt Frances 1902".   She must have been the cool aunt.  Why can't these hats make a come back? 

Aunt Maude Fanning.  Doesn't look like much of a jokester, but you never know....

This one is a bit spooky.  Caption states: Catherine Adams Bemis (Mrs. George Washington Bemis) Mother of John Adams Bemis. 

I don't know who these girls are but I love this picture
And there are a bagillion more that didn't make the cut but I love just as much. Maybe someday I'll share some more of them.  I've got to grill my grandmother about these people...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ha!  Pretty funny, eh?  Saw it on Etsy- Gingiber.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I think I'm going to get my life's share of basketball this weekend.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sometimes all you need on your walls is a little paint to spruce them up.  Above are some examples where paint is used to add drama.  Notice in the first picture, they used 4 different colors.  I think introducing the white saved the room from becoming too over powering.  The second used vertical stripes which adds height to the room.  I don't think I would use such a bold color choice  (I tried it in my kitchen nook and I've regretted it ever since) but imagine if you used a beige and a white?   or two shades of yellow or blue....  I wouldn't do an entire room because to me it might start feeling a little like a fun house, but a wall or two might be really cool, don't you think?  Or maybe half a wall with chair molding in the center. The final picture uses wallpaper- and if you read my last entry you know my feelings about that- however, I included this picture just to show the way two very different colors are used together.  This really makes me want to change all the paint in my house- thank goodness its a pain to paint or I'd have a new color every week;)

Thanks for stopping by... I'll be here again tomorrow:)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Since I missed my post yesterday, I thought I would write two today.  Your lucky day I guess (she says sarcastically).  Still on the topic of walls.  Here's something you might cringe at-- Wallpaper (que murder music from Psycho).  Oh the horror.  I remember vowing "never again" the last time I spent days scraping, pulling,washing away old, dated wallpaper.  Isn't the idea- learn from the past?  Apparently not in the design world because it's back.  I have to admit, even I, the worlds most adamant advocate against gluing stuff to walls, is half tempted to cave to the pressure.  It just looks so pretty in pictures...

 pictures from Ferm Living
Don't be pulled in! It does look cool though, doesn't it?  This is my compromise to the little devil on my shoulder that keeps ushering me to the wallpaper sites.  If I find a print that I MUST have in my house, I may be permitted to buy a small amount, mount it on some kind of board and frame it.  Under no circumstances am I permitted to actually GLUE the stuff to a permanent surface in my house (unless it is a very small, very accessible area- used for accent purposes only).  SEE, I can't be helped!

If you're like me and you are stuck in a wallpaper tug of war here is another option I found that might satisfy the need for something bold without the permanence.  Vinyl wall stickers are supposedly simple to apply and easy to remove.....  hmmm I'm not sure I believe this but it does warrant more research.  Here are some examples:

And for children:

They look great in the pictures but I'm almost positive its the room that makes these so darn cool.  Can my house handle these? I'm not convinced.  Plus, if you have any kind of texture, like I do, these babies probably  wouldn't work. Thanks for listening while I think through this:) Any thoughts?


In my hunt for cool wall decorations, I came across these mirrors.  I've read that they can make a room look larger and I really believe its true.  Anyway, I thought these were nice so I thought I'd pass them on to you....

 A rustic look:

Picture from Olde Good Things

This one has a more classic, formal feel to it...

From Z Gallerie

This set of mirrors is more contemporary

Picture from Viva Terra

Of course, I like them all.  I was originally going to say- its difficult to pick just one style and go with it because I like so many.  But then I thought about it for a moment.  Why deny yourself something just because it may not fit into the same "box"?  I personally believe that if you pick items that you adore to decorate your house, they will, in the end, melt together in a beautiful expression of you!  Lets face it.... this isn't Vogue over here at the Stafford house.  I'm going to throw "rules" out the window and put whatever the heck I want in my house..... you with me?  

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Big Blank Walls

Good morning everyone!  I think this week I'm going to focus on walls.  You know, those big, bare, white things (that is if you're house is like mine).  Walls MAKE a room in my opinion, and I never know what to put on them.  Late last night I happened upon a website - and you all might be way ahead of me on this one- that sells original art. Have you heard of Zatista? They don't have reproductions of famous works, they don't have prints.  All of it is original.  Are you seeing flashing $$$ signs? You're right, its a pricey option.  Even the stuff that is considered "affordable" is a days pay for average people.  I guess it all depends on your interests, taste, ect.  Is it worth it to you to spend a little more on original artwork? To me, it is.  I can see how some would shake their heads and bahf at the price tags.  I totally get it.  But, I've always had a hard time hanging the same posters everyone has on their walls and I like the idea of supporting someone's talent- not THE MAN.  Plus, its kind of fun searching for the next Picasso.  So, I guess its time to start my piggy bank:)
Picture from Viva Terra

Friday, March 12, 2010

Studio Tuesday- My Very First Feature Artist!

Drum roll, please.....  And now for my first Feature Artist........ David Scheirer of Studio Tuesday!

When I was expecting my son, I searched everywhere for art to adorn his walls but was endlessly disappointed.  While searching on Etsy, I came across Studio Tuesday.   I didn't buy anything at the time but I've never forgotten it.  Four months after the birth of my son, I purchased a few prints and plan to purchase a few more in the future.

David Scheirer is the artist behind Studio Tuesday.  I find his whale series to be simple and playful.  After talking with David a little, I have all but confirmed that his artwork is an expression of who he is- a very modest, very quiet, kid at heart.   The prints tell a story of a young whale and his adventures.  A perfect nourishment for a young imaginations- exactly what I wanted for my son. 

See what I mean?  I bought a whale series print with three whales swimming together in the night ocean.... so dear to me.  And I can see myself looking at this print in years to come and loving it just as much, if not more, for what it represents in my life- when a family of two became three.   I wish I could get them all! 

I asked David a few questions about his life, work and adventures...

Where did you get your inspiration for the whale series?

The whales have appeared in my doodles for quite a while. Recently I decided to put them into ocean scenes from my imagination, these weren’t too hard to imagine because I’ve always enjoyed learning about animals and different habitats. Basically the whole idea was inspired by my love of animals.

Is watercolor the only medium you use?

I occasionally paint with oil or acrylic as well. I enjoy drawing and doodling, usually in pencil. I would like to get into print making at some point. I think I would enjoy making woodblocks.

What is your greatest challenge as an artist?

The most difficult thing, by far, is promoting myself. It doesn’t come naturally to me and getting my name out, finding work, selling artwork takes a lot of time.

The actual challenges of creating and painting are things I usually enjoy.

You mentioned that you enjoy spending time outdoors in your profile. Where do you like to go?

I am often drawn to places with water; ponds, creeks, rivers, swamps, bogs, and the coast. I live in the DC area so for me this is often the Chesapeake Bay, the Potomac River, and the Atlantic Coast. These places are fun to explore and there is usually an abundance of birds and wildlife. There are interesting things to find and look at; shells, fossils, animal tracks, ferns, moss, etc. 


If you could be an animal, which one would you be?

I would probably be an otter. It seems like they have fun. They play together, eat fish, and do that headfirst sledding thing.

An otter- need I say more?  If you want to check it out, go here.  He's got a lot more that I didn't feature- some great work inspired by the sea.  And, he's got a collection of acorns that's really great. 

Hope you all are well.  Have a wonderful weekend!  

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi everyone! I've neglected my blog these past few days because the weather is great and I've been taking advantage of the sunshine. Also, little Sam had a Dr.s apt. yesterday. Turns out he's a bean sprout, not a boy. He is off the charts in length! He grew 5 inches in 2 months.... He's a whopping 16 lbs. 8 oz. which puts him in the 75th percentile. Big news for me!

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, recently I've been reading...alot...and I've found some blogs written by supremely talented people. I've been remiss in sharing some of them with you, but alas... you shall wait no more.

1. Lolalina - today's entry- Spring Garden Design Inspiration . Ah, a woman after my own heart! The images on her site are beautiful. Every Friday is "Sweet Obsessions Friday" where she features products she's got her eye on. I like to check it out because she's always got links to neet mags and catalogs I've never heard of.

2. Ich and Chi- The names comes from a pregnancy craving (fish and chips)- kinda takes the mystery out of it doesn't it? She's Australian and her site is full of great before and afters. Also she posts a ton of DIY projects. I like to look at her links and the blogs she likes. In fact, Lolalina is a blog she recommended. I ALWAYS learn something when I go to her site.... I kinda want to be her.. is that wrong?

A before and after example:

Both of these have given me a lot of inspiration for my own blog so if you look at them and say "hey, that looks familiar" you'll know why- No, it's not copying!

More to come, just not today while the sun is shining:)

Stretch Ladies Stretch

Here are some pictures of the leggy beauties in my front window (I imagine that some poor schmuck is going to be very disappointed when they open this post after searching "leggy beauties"). I'm so proud of my sprouts which happen to be a variety of lettuce. I decided to start them indoors- not sure it was really necessary since lettuce is a cold weather crop and will be planted soon anyway. But I thought I'd give it a try this year to see if I can increase my yield. I'll let you know how it goes.
This one here is a mystery plant. I made the mistake of planting with the intention of labeling them later. Well, you can guess how well that went. Anyone have an idea what this might be? I know its not lettuce or tomato. It could be onion (I don't think it is), melon, broccoli, or green pepper....
Got some seed packets in the mail yesterday and will plant them this weekend- or maybe today if I get my act together. Cucumber, cabbage, carrots and pole beans... these are new ones for me. I'll let you know how they turn out. I plan to get a strawberry plant this year too... yum!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

For your viewing pleasure, I've put together a collage of pics from my house as it is now. Clearly some work needs to be done:) But a few things I do like- the heirloom plates next to my window in the nook and the picture collage which also happens to be in the nook. I included a picture of my slipper- my favorite footwear these days- just for kicks... and the nursery which isn't finished but is on its way.
This set includes a picture of my mothers chair on loan to me for awhile. There are a few more in the set. They are beautiful and I'd like to learn more about who made them and where they are from. The arm chair in my living room is my first big buy. I wasn't completely sold on the upholstery but purchased the floor model on sale figuring that one day I'd be able to recover to suit my taste. Its big enough to fit my husband comfortably- a big plus. The bottom two photos are the stuff nightmares are made of:) My itsy bitsy oven and range and the makeshift pantry that has just become a growing mountain of food. Hopefully one day I'll have "after" shots. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

O.K. Martha- I'll give you this one.

Came across these cubes today on marthastewart.com and thought they were kind of cool. I generally don't follow Martha (not because she was convicted of a crime but because I decided after an episode devoted entirely to cats and their breeds that she may not be for me. Don't get me wrong, I love cats...some have even said a little too much.. but apparently not as much as Martha). However, in her defense, I usually gravitate toward her stuff in the craft store and stand mesmerized in front of the hole punches and paper products... that stuff really gets me. I mean, how cool is it that you can punch holes in just about any shape you want! I've never gotten one but I'm sure if I did everything I own would have little POW holes in it, or maybe squirrels (can that really be the right spelling?). I digress... If you want to make these, I've linked to the instructions here. I guess maybe I've judged Martha too harshly. Oh, and I guess I should thank her for doing the work for me today...

P.S. Melita- notice anything familiar on that shelf????


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