Thursday, July 29, 2010

Step Here for Mischief

Hi everyone!  I've been hard at work the past few days.  I cleaned my entire basement last night- woo hoo- and today I've been working on a little project I'd like to share.  I love writing this blog because it really does get me up and moving.  If I didn't have you guys to account to, I'd be eating potato chips and getting fat on the couch.  So, again, I have to say thanks to you all for reading and for the comments you take the time to write.  It makes me feel so special that you'd take time out of your busy day to hang with me for a bit.  You are the best!

Do you remember the stool I bought for $5 in Waynesville a few weeks ago?  It is kind of a strange three legged thing that could moonlight as a paddle... No?  Well, here's a picture!
My original idea was totally bunk.  I was going to try and fasten a pad onto it and make it a footstool to rest my tired toes at days end.  I wanted it to look like the antique stools with the knit tops- need an example?  Look at my Etsy favorites page and there will be one there....  Anyway, after thinking about it for a second and actually trying it out, I realized that my idea was way too hard and too expensive for what I'd be left with- a wobbly, not so cute, piece of junk.  I noticed my little monster was taking quite a shine to it....  He likes to pull it over by the handle and I have been looking for a cute stepping stool for him.  SO, the light bulb went on!  And here's what I came up with:
I figured the handle would come in handy for him when he needs to tote it around even if it is a little weird.  I like to call it- Step Here for Mischief.    I'm p.o.ed though because there is a spot on the front leg that needs touching up.... pretend you don't see it, k? 

Have any of you been working on projects lately?  I'd love to hear about them!!!!  Don't be shy...  

Melita and June, I miss you!!!!  You all have a great day, k?  I'm serious.  



Wednesday, July 28, 2010


 Image from RozArt on Etsy
I've been thinking a lot about cows lately.  Mainly because last weekend my husband and I bought an 8th of one from a local farmer.  That's a lot of meat!  Its all part of our new interest in buying "local".  Here's the thing- I love the idea of supporting our local economy, supporting cleaner living (it takes a huge amount of oil to get the food you eat from producer to your plate - READ: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver), and supporting healthier meat (although I'm not completely convinced of this but my husband assures me its true). I also like the idea of supporting what I believe are the dying arts- the butcher, the tailor, the candlestick maker.... 

So, I'm excited and maybe a little nervous about our latest purchase.... am I going to be able to cook all this meat?  I'm I going to be able to EAT something I know was once a living animal?  I keep telling myself that this cow is lucky because he didn't have to while away the last days of his life in an overcrowded, smelly feedlot standing on a mountain of dung.  All in all, I think it was a good choice.... I'll let you know how it goes.  Have any of you ever had any experience with this sort of thing?

So long my friends!  I hope you are all doing well.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Dress!

My Mom and Dad gave me my birthday present a little early this year- this beautiful green and blue dress from Anthropology (my favorite store of all time).  I love the pockets- gives me something to do with my hands...  Please don't mind those glaring white things coming out of the bottom of it.  I'll need to get some sun I think!

Friday, July 23, 2010


I went to the fabric store today just to get out of the house.  I thought I might get a pattern to try my hand at sewing a garment.  Instead I ended up with a whole truck load of scraps.  I've been having fun mismatching them and little light bulbs are flashing all around.  I love it when the creative juices start to flow....
I got a whole rainbow of fabric...
Don't mind the creepy chick watching from afar. 
I don't plan to drink my fabric.  Its my lame attempt at styling....
I'm going to be dreaming/planning/creating this weekend and hopefully I'll have something to show you next week.  What do you have planned?  Whatever it is, I hope its wonderful.  I'll see you next week!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Decor 8 and VT Vonen

Hello!  Today I'm drooling over a catalog introduced to me by Decor 8 in a post she created a few days ago.  She is the most prolific blogger I've ever read- you think she's finished for the day and WHAM another comes at you.  I'm convinced she has elves...  which actually might not be far from the truth since she has 35,000 readers  and writes a column for Real Simple magazine.  Anyway, she did a post about a Dutch magazine called VT Vonen and I'm head over heals.  

Above is a collage found on Decor 8.  Click here to see the entire article.  I love the idea of putting a large, colorful throw over the sofa in picture 2. It makes me want to try it.  Practically, I don't think it would work well.  My husband would sit on it once and then put it on the floor with a huff and a puff.  I would eventually get tired of putting it back where it belongs and that would be the end of it.  But, it makes a beautiful picture doesn't it?  Below are some things I found when I looked at the magazine.  
I want to marry this dresser and the tins on top, too.  Sorry Jason.
I really love the cross stitch on this pillow.  It gives me some ideas.... you may see this again someday.

When you have a moment to flip through the pages, I recommend it.  Tell me what you think when you get a chance.  Do you have any magazines that you love to curl up with and drool over?  Have a wonderful Thursday. 


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Under Construction

Notice something different?  I'm working on a new header to match my new page design so hang tight.  Good things to come!

People v. Neutrals

I figure since I'm on the advice giving kick, I might as well be equal opportunity about it.  I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out or anything:)  I have another friend who recently bought a beautiful house.  The previous owner decorated in Tuscan style with faux brick (painted) in the kitchen and sponge paint throughout.  She used autumn colors which are pretty but my friends feel its a little dark in the living room.  She and her husband have had many conversations about changing the colors but have yet to come to an agreement.  She wants a more neutral yellowish beige and he feels beige is boring.  I think her husband is o.k. with keeping the color as is because at least its different.  Here's where I come in with my cape flying and my big nose right in their business.

To be clear, I'm not trying to take sides (well maybe just a little bit), but I thought I'd offer some pictorial evidence proving the exciting and colorful possibilities neutral walls offer.  For the record, I like the color they are, too.  You know me though -when I hear paint, my ears perk up.  I do think its an opportunity to really make the room bright, cheery, and possibly feel larger as opposed to the warm and cozy feeling it offers now.  Both good, just different.


I rest my case.  Simple, bright, comfortable.  The key to neutrals is to accessorize with color.  You can use bold or mute colors.  Either way, they stand out in a room where the walls don't play the starring role.  I'm just sayin'.

Images are from the former Cottage Living magazine and Pottery Barn.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What to Do With Walls

I have friends who just bought a house and my husband and I paid them a visit the other day to check it out.  They've had to roll up their sleeves and get to it and it looks great so far.  As we were taking the tour, she asked if I had any ideas for some of her walls.  She has cathedral ceilings and gorgeous windows in the entry and she wants something for the wall above her staircase.  I have given her question a little thought over the weekend and I think I have a few ideas....  So, here goes. 

As you mentioned, Jennifer, it is important to keep the proportion in mind.  Little things will not work for your wall, you have to think big.  It might be helpful to take measurements of the area you want to cover for reference.  That way, when you go shopping and happen across something that you like, you can quickly get an idea of how much space it will take up on the wall.  Above is an idea for something thrifty and a little different.  Since you have a nice neutral shade on your walls, you can paint empty frames a bold shade for a nice punch of color.  Again, you'll want to pick large frames, with a few smaller ones mixed in for contrast. This image is from an old issue of the former Blueprint magazine.
 I know you both have a love of Kentucky and topographic maps are often neat to look at.  What about framing a large map?  You could do a little collage with some other framed photos as well, if you can't find a map large enough to fill the space.  This image is from an old issue of Do It Yourself.

Have any fabric or wallpaper you love?  Mounting it on wood frames is a great way to introduce color to your walls relatively inexpensively.  Its easy to switch out when you find yourself getting tired of the pattern.  Image is from an old issue of Do It Yourself
Another idea is hanging iron art on the walls.  It has a nice impact, easy to clean and will last a lifetime, albeit a little less colorful.  This image is courtesy of Pottery Barn.
My personal favorite is the wall collage as seen above.  Yummy!  Keep an eye out at Hobby Lobby and Micheal's sales on frames and stock up when you come across one.  You can never have too many frames!  I like this idea because you can go the orderly route or the more random route and get equal, yet different impact.  Image from Pottery Barn

Or, since I know you both like vintage things, what about an old metal sign?  It would be colorful and a great conversational piece, especially if there is history behind it.  Plus, it would be a display of who you both are as a couple.  Another old standby is an old quilt or rug easily hung from a metal rod. 

Anything you choose, I would suggest that it have meaning to you. Just think about the things you like and see if those things can be incorporated into your home.  You'll be surprised by the creative ideas you come up with when you forget the rules and follow your heart!  And, I find if you fill your home with things you truly love, you'll have lovely reminders of why its so great to be alive everyday. 

I hope this helps you and everyone else out there looking for inspiration.  I'm free for shopping anytime!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Something to Work On

I don't mean this in a philosophical, self-help kind of way - I mean literally, something to work on.  I received an email from Better Homes and Gardens yesterday with home office ideas (they send it to anyone who will look at it- just in case you were thinking I am on some other level with BHG).  And I really liked some of them.
 Come to momma, black chair. 
Hope these images inspire you.  I don't really have any excuse for not having a nice work area since these are both tiny spaces. 

I'm in need of some energy to get the last touches done on the outside of my house so if you could send some my way, I'd appreciate it.  If you need me, I'll be sweating like a pig and pulling weeds.  Hope you have something fun planned.  We'll pick up again next week, k? 


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Old Frames, Schmold Frames

I have to hurry because I have company coming tonight and I've spent all day doing a little project.  I keep telling myself I have plenty of time, but I think it may be running out by now...  Anyway, I wanted to show you what I've been working on.  Remember those old frames I bought in Waynesville?  If not, here's a reminder:
They were a little drab and old fashioned, right?  Here they are now:

I painted the frame a nice shade of blue and painted two pairs of wings.  They are the wings of a stone fly.  Now, where shall I hang them? 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini Road Trip- Waynesville, OH

Hi!  How has life treated you over the weekend?  I hope you had a wonderful one. I Spent a little girl time with my good friend, Leslie perusing antique shops in Waynesville, Ohio and just generally goofing off.  We got to shop, vent and laugh- what more can you ask for out of girl time?  By the end of the day I was sure my feet were going to fall off but there was no lasting damage.  I came away with a few things for, you guessed it, future projects.   

If you've never been to Waynesville, it's kind of off the beaten path and as you can tell by the sign, its OLD.  Filled with store fronts dedicated to antiques.  To me, antiquing is very similar to thrifting- there is a lot of sifting through junk with the hope of finding that one rough diamond.  I enjoy doing it about once a year and only with a person who also enjoys doing it.  Going with my husband is like dragging dead weight around for hours....  He knows I feel this way and appreciates that I don't take him.

Anyway, its fun to go there not only to sift through the smelly junk but also to look at the historic homes.  Here are a few pics I found and some that I took:
Good thing we left our sleds at home. 

When we arrived, we saw that there was a street fair going on:

We made our way around pointing out things we liked and things we thought were hideous and things we thought were haunted and creepy.  There is a giant fabric store where one could easily be buried alive amongst the bolts.   My kind of place.  Leslie found a cute little buffet table (is that what its called?) for her dining room.

Isn't it just perfect?  She needed something not too deep or too tall-I think she found it.  Notice the trivets on the top- also purchased in Waynesville.  We found it in a cute little shop filled with antiques refinished to look current and "shabby".  The owner stenciled the walls
It was interesting to me...  She only stenciled the corners and let it fade off toward the middle of the wall.   

I got a few things to make a foot stool and some round frames that I plan to paint.  I'm going to put a painting of my own inside of it.

I'm going to buy a cushion and fasten the knit piece to the stool.  I'll let you know how these projects go. 

Well, more tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 9, 2010

KB, Inc. Custom Invitations

As promised, I come today with a special feature of KB, Inc. Custom Invitations.  It's founder is a special woman, a great blend of sophisticated and humorous- she is one of those people you like immediately.  It is with pleasure that I introduce her to all my readers because I know you all will love her and her work as much as I do... she's just that likable.  Here are some pictures and some Q & A for you.  Enjoy:)

My greatest inspiration is...
all around me! I keep my eyes open for "cool stuff" at all times.  I was at Crate and Barrel a few weeks ago and this amazing club chair stopped me in my tracks. I took a photo of it and it has become the inspiration for a baby announcement I am putting together.  It is a matter of seeing something that sparks your interest and interpreting it into something else, capturing that same feeling.

This one is something she crafted for my friend Leslie's wedding- simply genius if you ask me.  We've decided to call it the profan (or was it frogram?) due to its dual use as a program and a fan.   Notice the lovely pink and black polka dot ribbon hand tied by Ms. Burns herself and the lovely monogram printed on heavy weight paper. Oh yea, my name's on there....

I overcome my inner critic by...
I never overcome my inner critic!! If you know how to do this let me know!! I am my worst critic, but I think that is a good thing.  It keeps me honest, and helps me to always be striving to be a better designer, I try to stay current and relevant with the things I produce. 

An object I keep close by at all times is...
my camera. It's always in my bag. Or my cell phone, which has a camera on it.

Notice the personal touches- the starfish charm, the personal photos on the save the date, the recurring initial motif and the beachy colors...

I feed on...
people's reactions! I love to hear the words..."It's so much better than I had even imagined it could be!" or "I didn't know this was possible, I never thought of that!" This holds true in anything I do. I love to find the perfect gift for a friend, create the perfect space to fit a family's needs, or capture the exact feeling someone is trying to convey in an invitation.  The most important thing to me as a designer is being able to interpret who people are, and what they are trying to say.  It's my job to take a description from a customer and bring it to life. When I can do that, and take it to another level for them, that feeds my soul.  It's very exciting to me every time I reveal a design....just waiting for that reaction. 

If I could be an animal, I'd be...
in a lot of trouble, I'm allergic to most animals.  I guess if I had to pick, I would say a bird so I could travel for free.

If someone comes to you wanting a custom invitation, what is the process you go through to create it for them?
I start by asking them to keep their eyes open for things that they love.  It can be a photograph of their wedding location, a pattern fabric in a baby's nursery, anything.  I also ask them to list some words that describe the feeling they are trying to get across to their guests and if they have a specific idea they want to incorporate.  This can be a quote, a monogram, ect. 

I would then present a few options to get the design process started and get conversation going with the customer.  The initial designs are not perfect, but they are a starting point and create great dialog to get to a finished product. 

Once we have all agreed on the final theme and color scheme I produce a final design for approval.  I like to produce a physical sample for the customer to hold. I think there is a lot to be said for feeling the quality and seeing the true color of anything you are investing in.  Once that is approved, we move into production and then the final delivery.  My favorite part, the reaction to the finished product.

How can you be reached if someone wants to use your talents?
I can be emailed at

Thanks, Kyla and thank you to all my readers for another great week.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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