Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Few More Calendars

You may have noticed an abrupt close to yesterday's post (o.k. now its two days ago- sorry) and thought to yourself- hmmm, that was boring.  No excuses- I was just done.  You know how that is.  But I'm back today all refreshed (sort of) from my full (o.k. lets say 3/4ths) night sleep and I've got a few more to throw at you.  Since I realize that you may not be as into kids and local food as I may be... here's one that's bold and colorful.
Modern Art Everyday   
And one that is bohemian and romantic...
My Folk Lover
 I saw it on Decor 8's calendar round up....  I love the illustrations. 

And this one too from Stephanie Levy but I also found this one on my own (yea for me!).  Makes me feel more confident in my choice to see it on her blog as well:)

These are for the realist (ok, the romantic realist) from Amelia Kay Photography.

Well, since this post was intended for yesterday, I'll try and post another one but don't hold your breath.  Today is Sam's Halloween party and its crunch time on the birthday prep for this weekend.... 

Busy, busy... 

After awhile crocodile.   

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ahoy Mates (how exactly do you spell that?).  Its a rainy day today with high winds and tornado warnings cramping my style.  I made the mistake of going to the grocery store and narrowly escaped being penned up in the cooler- I heard the buzz of the employees, put my groceries away, and high tailed it out of there but not before getting soaked to the bone.  blah. 

But we're warm and snugly now and the sound of the rain is nice.  I guess sometimes you need a good soaking to remember how nice it is to be inside a warm, dry house.  Sam is snoozing and I've been looking around etsy for a little bit.  Thought you might enjoy looking at some of the calendars for this year... I found a couple that I think are nice...
Claudia Pearson- Buy Local Calendar   

I guess different people use calendars for different things, I mean, besides the obvious keeping track of days and time thing.  Some buy a calendar to be transported to an exotic place, some to laugh, some just buy the first thing they see. This particular one caught my eye because it's meant to be a daily reminder to buy local. Interesting.  I mean yeah, its kind of a dah.  You do look at it everyday (or in my case every month or so) so why not get a little reminder of what you're striving for.  It's a lot prettier than a rubber band around your wrist and not as annoying as a string around your finger. I like the idea.  A lot.  I may even get it.  
Printable Project Printable Colorful Animal 2011 Calendar
I thought this one would be great in a kid's room hung on a string by cute little clips.  I think it would be a great teaching tool in a few different ways.  When the month is over, just cut the bottom off and frame the graphic.... 

O.k., well its been one of those days.  I started this post at 1 p.m. and am just now getting a chance to finish it up.  Hope you like these...  Calendars make great gifts and there are so many out there to choose from that, if you give it some time and thought, you can find one that is personal and means something.  

Have a great one!  See ya later, alligator.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Walking and Dishes

Back from another great weekend and I have something BIG to share.  Sam has been working on walking for awhile but yesterday was a breakthrough day.  He took several steps in a row without encouragement and he was VERY steady on his feet.  It's more of a ridged-kneed shuffle, with arms spread out wide on both sides and a cute little closed mouth smile. Jason and I both cheered and hugged and made sure he knew how proud we are.  He looked very pleased with himself.   I cannot wait to see it again- maybe even get it on film. 

Sam's milestones almost made me forget about some of the other great things that happened this weekend.  Like this beauty.  Look at her glowing in the sunlight....
She arrived on Friday and Jason installed it on Saturday. (I see you trying to peek at the kitchen!)

After filling it for the first time, Jason and I starred at the contraption on the door.  We went back and forth about where to put the rinse aide while I was looking the other way... I turned around to find Jason trying to fill the screw hole.  See that little hole up there above the giant hole?  Chuckle, chuckle.  He immediately said You're going to post about this, aren't you? And I immediately said YES!  It would be dishonest to keep it to myself.  Har Har.  But, to be fair, he has installed this entire kitchen with the help of his hands and VERY mathematical and logical brain alone... that's pretty impressive, eh? On a side note: I asked if he would contribute how-to tips and improvement wisdom to my blog and he declined. Rather emphatically.  Don't worry, I'll keep dropping the idea...
Ah, what a thing to behold.  My first load of dishes in three years.  Sigh.  It really has been the greatest weekend.

What about you guys?  Anything good happen?

Friday, October 22, 2010

NEW FOOD FRIDAY- Salmon in a can

Want to know how my adventure with Salmon in a Can went?  Well, you'll have to take a little cyber trip on over to Food For Thought.  Its a food blog that I contribute to from time to time.  Its open to anyone so if you read and find you want to take part, just let me know and I'll get you hooked up.  So far, its just a bunch of girls who share recipes and health tips.  We'd love to have more voices! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010


From Country Living Magazine
I've been thinking a lot lately about what "home" means.  I've been having a hard time with my own lately- wanting it to be bigger, cleaner, brighter, cozier.  I want my home to be inviting.  I want it to be a place where friends feel comfortable stopping by and enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine with me on occasion.  I want it to be a place where I can take a load off and not feel a nagging feeling that something's just not right.  I'm starting to think its not the house that's got a problem, but me
From Country Living Magazine
Maybe home is a state of mind.  When I look at these pictures I see beautiful spaces, wonderful colors, warmth and happiness.
From Country Living Magazine
I see what I want.  And then I think- if this were my house, would I still see it that way?  Or would I only see the dust and the clutter?  The leaky faucet, the small bathroom.  Would I be satisfied?  Or would I want to change the paint color...again?
From Country Living Magazine
Maybe home is the reward you get when you stop for a moment, pause life, and turn to your family and friends and God (if that is something you believe in) and stop wanting.   
From Country Living Magazine
Maybe its what comes after you find a place for everything, including yourself.   
From Country Living Magazine

From Country Living Magazine
Maybe home is in the effort and enjoyment of living.
From Country Living Magazine
Or, maybe it is just a matter of being clean.  

I may have crossed the cheesy forward boundary here and I'm almost regretting writing this post but I'm serious!  This is important, people!
What do you think makes a house feel like home?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Late Night Pumpkin Search

Its late and the boys are asleep. Its kind of nice here in the quiet (well, except for the snoring- I'm trying to imagine its the sound of waves).  This is time I don't normally use and I'm enjoying  it- its like my stolen time.  I know that tomorrow my eyes will be puffy and I'll be tired but right now, I'm feeling good.  And I feel like I sleep too much of my life away anyway.  Do you ever feel that way? 

I'm still not ready to share any gift ideas with you all.  In fact, I think I'm going to have to put that one aside for awhile because I'm having a little blockage on the idea front.  But it will come....

For the time being, I'll focus on more pressing matters, like my Halloween pumpkin.  As I've mentioned before, last year's pumpkin was a total dud and I have to redeem myself this year.  So tonight I used my stolen time to search for ideas.  You see, I don't want to copy, I just want to stir up some activity in my noggen- the waters are so still up there they're glassy.  I've found some that are cute but so far nothing's stirring.  Perhaps you'll have more luck
From Country Living

From Sunset Magazine
From Sunset Magazine
From Sunset Magazine
From Country Living

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When Life Gives you Lemons

Photo from Woman's Day Magazine
I intended to have this really wonderful post for you today with lots of ideas for handmade gifts and just regular gifts too but last night I found the couch too inviting....  I'm sorry:)  But, this means that it will be extra special when I get it done.  I find that when there are a lot of things to get done I have trouble doing anything.... anyone else have this problem????

Well, thanks for sticking with me.  I hope you have a lovely day.  I'll see you back here tomorrow.....


Monday, October 18, 2010

Kitchen decorating ideas

Thought I'd share with you some things I've been looking at for my kitchen lately....

I LOVE these knobs but I don't want to put them on my cabinets for 2 reasons. 1) they are $18 a pop.  X that by 21 and your looking at some serious cash.  2) I think it might be a little much, don't you?  So my plan is to buy an unfinished wood plaque (easy to find at any craft supply store) and display them in a little art collage on a blank wall.  My favorite is the color wheel because I feel it says a little something about me...

I am planning to put a small open shelf above my stove and I need some things to put there that are pretty but also functional.  Serving dishes, gravy ladles, that sort of thing.  My kitchen is mainly white so I'm looking for things that have tons of color for some pop.  I love these bowls from Anthropology.  The original watercolor I've shown you before will also go there.  I'll frame it in white.  These wooden serving spoons would look great in a white vase I have next to the stove. 

On the flip side though, I love this white cake stand.  If only I baked cakes:)

Jason requested a chalk board to write the weekly menu on (it will keep us on track and from straying to the fast food line.... or so he thinks:) 

Moral of the story is.... no matter how much room you make, you'll always fill it up:)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow hopefully I'll have some gift ideas for you guys because its already that time again!  Can you believe it?!

Have a good day. 

Talk to you later.

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Food Friday!!! Spaghetti Squash

I tried my spaghetti squash today.
I cut it in half.  Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy task.  I really had to roll up my sleeves and dig in.  For a moment I thought I wasn't going to get it done.  But I persevered.  Then dug out the seeds with a spoon.
Then I put the good stuff on it.  Butter.  And some brown sugar because I love it. Put them in a 350 degree oven for 50 minutes with a small amount of water on the bottom of the pan. And wa la.
One perfectly browned spaghetti squash.  It really does look like spaghetti.  The resemblance is uncanny.

Sam and I sat down to taste it.  Sam didn't like it, but that doesn't really mean much.  He's not a fan of most food.  Me?  It took a few bites. And I had to add a little salt.  But I liked it.  Really, I did.  The texture was a little surprise for me.  Nothing at all like spaghetti.  And Hilary- I agree.  I don't see how you could possibly substitute it for noodles and really, honestly expect it to taste like spaghetti.  But, it was sweet and very tasty.  For a vegetable.  We'll have it again sometime and next time Jason will be able to weigh in too.  This time I won't add so much butter...

Happy weekend!!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


THIS, MY DEARIES, IS MY 100th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How's that for sticking with something?

Fitting it would be such a LAME 100th post because I'm such a lamey.  200th will be special, I promise. 

Anyway, I forgot to mention one of the food rules.  My new food choices MUST be healthy.  If I don't make that clear to myself I'm sure I'll end up frying everything.



I'm so LAME- But what about New Food Friday?

I'm sorry my posts have been so lame lately.  I've been preoccupied, I guess.  I've been thinking though- how do you feel about.....(wait for it)..... New Food Friday (da da-da daaaaa)? 

O.K. you need clarification? Every week I try a new food and tell you about it and how it went.  Its kind of a thing for me- this eating badly- and I'd like to change it.  So this week, to kick it off, I bought a spaghetti squash. I know, I know.  Add it to my long list of lameness.  I've never eaten this big yellow thing before.  Well, I may have once... but I'm so not sure.  Squash just has never been my thing.

So the rules of the game are:
1. It has to be a food that is new to me.  This means that I can't have cooked it before.  I can't have eaten it before (if I know I've eaten it but can't remember what it tastes like- that counts). Pardon the terrible English- my brain can't have turned into mush, again?!!!
2. You all are allowed to suggest new foods if there's one you like.  I may even have a new food friday wherein I'm at your will.... be nice. Keep in mind that poor Jason and Sam are also effected by your choice:)
3.  I will be brutally honest in my review.  I take no prisoners.. If you get my drift.  Don't feel sorry for the food... its inanimate for goodness sake. 

Does this sound like something that would be fun????  C'mon.  Just tell me.

OK, anyway, here's my peace offering for being such a wet blanket....  Isabelle Abramson Ceramics.... her pieces are are works of art, really! 

I'm so in awe.

Peace out.  Tomorrow I bring you squash on a platter.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Hello!!!  Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I'm still here.  I've been madly cleaning cabinets and everything that goes in them... Its getting so close now I can barely stand it. 

This weekend I had to say a tearful goodbye to food mountain and the ugly kitchen desk:
and then I said HELLO pantry!  What a marvelous invention.  But I can't show you pictures yet.  Its just not ready.  

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to nurse my aching feet and dry dishpan hands..... 

Hope you guys are all doing well.  Thanks so much for the comments.  They make my day.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Is Comming- BWA HA HA HAAA

I'm a fan of halloween.  Yes indeedy.   Not the grown-up, x-rated Halloween (the one where women think its a pass to look slutty for a night) but the good ol' dress up like a pumpkin and look cute in the splendid fall weather while drinking cider and carving pumpkins kind of Halloween.  Its so.... I don't know... wonderful.  I love to decorate for it and I adore haunted houses (what is that all about? Why on earth do we want to go out and be scared?).  It is just about my favorite holiday.  Yes, I think its better than Christmas.   I thought I might try out the tutorial on Martha's website for the jars pictured above.  You know I love a good use for the old glass jars.  Or, I might do this on my dining room table (if my kitchen is done in time)
And, I think this is pretty cool too.
If decorating for Halloween is cheesy, then I don't want to be cool.

So, next on my list.  I've got to come up with a good plan for carving my pumpkin this year.  I have to make up for last years gigantic whole pumpkin.  I was trying to do something cool with back lighting but it was so NOT cool.  This year I WILL redeem myself.  And perhaps I'll post a picture, if you're lucky.

Do you guys like Halloween?  What are you doing to prepare?  What kind of pumpkin are you going to carve?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pure Green Living Online Mag- Check It Out, Yo

Open publication - Free publishing - More architecture

Yes, its been a nice afternoon of browsing the net and dreaming.  I came across this online mag and thought I'd pass it on.  Some neat ideas in here and I love x 3 that its got the environment in mind.  Enjoy!


Kitchen Update- Two Walls Down

The last time I showed my kitchen progress we had one wall down and a beam up.
 Jason's been hard at work since then, ripping and tearing and putting back together.  Its really starting to come together.
 See how much brighter it is already?  Like the pumpkin? 
And the ginormous mess?  I do.  Let me tell you, I'm not tired of it at all.  Not. One. bit.

New cabinets will be delivered next Monday so finish work needs to be finished by Sunday night.  That means I have to get cracking on my portion of the work- painting.  Cue the organ.

Next time I do an update may be my last.  Wooo hooo.


Monday, October 4, 2010

DIY - Fall Wreath

 I'm BA-ACK.

And feeling good.  How are you doing?  Did you miss me terribly? :)  

I come bearing gifts.  Inspiration from my lovely mother.  I happened to be complaining about the pine cones in my back yard (something I do from time to time).  Come spring I often I find myself chucking them with rage into a pile by my garage.  So I asked my mother- what can I do with them? And she said in a matter of seconds... Make a wreath!  Ah yes!  So simple! Why didn't I think of it?  Pine cones are beautiful...

   from the top and the bottom.  So I pulled some things together to make it.
A wire wreath frame ($2.99), tin snips (just another benefit of being married to Jason- I already have these), wreath hanger ($2.49), green paddlewire ($2.99) and of course
pine cones (FREE).  A lot of them.  This happened to be exactly enough.  Go me.  It took me about 3 hrs to put the whole thing together.  That includes experimentation and a few re-dos.  So, I'd say that's a realistic time frame. 

To fasten pine cones:  cut some wire.  Be generous.  I found that the cones I was chinsy with were the first to become loose.  Its important that each cone is fastened tightly.

Wrap the wire around the bottom and twist tightly to the beginning of the wire creating a loop around the cone.  Then lace the wire through the wreath frame.  Bring wire through the frame and wrap around the cone again.  Wrap the wire around the opposite side of the frame. Repeat until the cone is secure. 

I found it easiest to break the wreath into rows.  I fastened the pine cones in the middle row first then the inner row (I turned the cones upside down for this row), then the outer row. 

And wa la:

What a nice way to display nature's artwork, don't you think?  And there are so many things you can do with it... add a bow, a few dried flowers, silver spray paint.  There are so many ways to make this little craft your own. 

Have fun;)  If you give it a try, be sure to send me photos.


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