Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Makes me Wish I was a Kid (sort of)

Melanie Acevedo Photography via Lolalina
Loving this nursery.  I'm a fan of stripes in general and on the ceiling... well...lets just say I really, really don't hate it.  What do you think?  I've always liked when people mix mature things (etc cow rug, sophisticated blue walls) and whimsical things (etc stripes, orange chair) in a child's room but I can see how some might not like this.  Where do you stand?

Today I've got some things to finish before Christmas and I'm hoping I don't have to get out my elbows and fight the crowds.  I don't care for crowds- except for when I can sit back in a chair and watch.  I guess I don't care for BEING the crowd.  So, keep me and Sam in your thoughts:)  We'll be the ones plowing through head first.

Hope you all are enjoying yourselves, wherever you may be, whatever you're doing.  Thank you so much for taking a little time out to spend with me. 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Spirit

All this snow and cold weather has gotten me into the Christmas spirit a little more than usual.  We went to the lights and Santa cabin at a nearby park last night and froze our bums off (man I wish it was that easy to get rid of a little extra bum, don't you?).  Anyway, I bundled Sam so tightly that his little arms were stock straight and only two little eyes peered out from the pooff of his suit. Not a single peep out of him which made me laugh and worry at the same time.  He liked the lights though- I know this because I possess motherly intuition, people! However, I have to tell you the Santa hand off was an awkward transaction to say the least.  One I'm not inclined to repeat anytime soon.  I've got photographic proof that my kid strongly dislikes Santa (psst: I don't really blame him.  Santa IS scary, Sam.  I'd holler too- I'm just sayn').  We didn't let it get us down though.  We're still rockin' around the Christmas tree (although I think I finally believe it's possible to overdose on carols- I spent about three days listening to the all Christmas all the time station and I may need some detox up in here).      
My tree is up.  I bargained for this tree.   Go me.  The guy was all- I'll give it to you for $15.  I made him sweat awhile as I looked around the lot then I said- I've only got $12 cash (Shoulders shrugged and eyebrows up - it was true- I'm no liar) He said- Merry Christmas and took my money.  I drive a hard bargain, folks.  Don't mess with me. 

Its not my most beautiful tree (I prefer the skinny branch ones) but I love it and loved trimming it. There are memories attached to each ornament.  My favorite is watching Sam touch it ever so gingerly, then go in the middle of the room and stare at it whilst holding his thighs (a new habit he has).  It brings back memories of Christmas past when I would turn out all the lights just to sit in the glow of the twinkling lights.  I remember the smell and the trimming.  Just having it in the house made me feel peaceful and calm.

Tomorrow Sam and I trek to Columbus to have the new car cleaned and inspected.  We'll make a stop at my mother's house to bake some cookies.  Yum.  Wishing you all the best.... I'll be back.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Bookcase Before and After-ish

Much brighter and happier, don't you think?  I haven't painted the outside yet, but loving the way it looks already.  I really like the way the colors pop against the white. 
So nice when projects meet your expectations, isn't it?
What are you up to these days?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let the Painting Begin!

Yesterday I started painting- in my typical fashion.  No drop cloths or anything- I hate details.  Jason hates that I hate details (but secretly loves it too).  But luckily, I didn't get a drop of paint anywhere but where I intended.  Here's the progress:
OK, so it doesn't look like much- but in my mind, its huge!  Soon, the bookcases will be white too.  I'm going to make a cushion for the box, put a ton of pillows on it and I want to hang a cute little pendant for reading light.  Presto, one cozy reading area!  I want a bunch of old lanterns on top of the bookcases. I'll have to start looking at thrift stores- if you happen to find any cool ones, be sure to let me know.... 

Have to make this a short one!  I'll catcha later. 


Friday, December 3, 2010

Spread the Warmth!

So you guys know that I recently rediscovered the knitting and crocheting arts, right?  Well, I've been madly at it.  Of course, all I know how to do is scarves and one only needs so many of those. One day I'll have to branch out but for now I'm satisfied.   Anyway, the point is...  I've decided to make as many as I can and donate them to my local homeless shelter and I thought I'd extend the idea to you all as well....  What do you think?

Here's the thing- I always want to help but something always gets in my way- either its my shyness (oh yes, I'm incredibly awkward in person- but it seems I lose that awkwardness ever so slightly when behind the computer- I love you blog) or my fear or- you name it.  But this year I've really set my mind to it. No more excuses! I thought about presents for children but its not my thing and the soup kitchen scares me a little (stupid, I know).  But, while sitting calmly on my couch, making my repetitious knots and thinking, I realized I was making something valuable.  AND, I was making something with my heart.  To me, its a great expression of support and love to those in need of warmth- something I take for granted.

So, it doesn't have to be hand made nor does it have to be knitted.  It doesn't even have to be a scarf.  Mittens or a hat... canned food.... whatever.  Just a little encouragement- just a little reminder that they are not alone.

What do you think?  You with me?  

Cold Weather Friends

Since the weather has turned cold, I've been seeing a lot more of this around my house.  Users.  Hey cats!  You could come in the house when the weather's nice sometimes too you know?!  Whatever.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm an Ice Guy

Would you like a fig newton?  
Nevermind.  I want it.  

 Did you notice my shirt?  I'm wearing it in honor of our first (real) snow! 
Don't I look cute? 

Gotta keep moving....

Simply Grove and The Brass Razoo

I read a blog called Simply Grove written by Kristen Grove and she shares lots of cool things- pictures of her home and things she finds inspiring.  Today she posted pictures of some of the furniture shes selling at The Brass Razoo.  Go to the "So Not Worthy" column to the right, down a little.  There it is, click on it and see the latest.  Anywho... that got me interested in her shop- I did a little click-ety, click, click, and BAM there it is.  A little treasure of restored furniture goodness for me to devour....  It's got me all crazy and stuff:)  I'm dying to head over to my little flea market and pick up a few things which I've  bookmarked for another day.  Not open today.  Darn.  Not that my little house needs any more furniture, but a few kitchen table chairs would be nice.  Maybe in a bright shade?   I'm going to keep this picture around- to get my engines revving.  I mean, if you didn't know me, you'd think I was looking at pictures of buff guys or something.  xAx (If your thinking ?????  this is Sam's contribution to today's post.  He was very conscientious about typing it in...So I 23 figured I'd keep it- this one too).  Anyway...  Such cool stuff over there and if I lived in Nampa, Idaho, I'd be all over it...All pieces are one of a kind and designed by Elise Vaughn.     I love the way she displays her jewelry, don't you?  So unique. 
This just reminds me of how much potential there is in used furniture.... especially all that great mid-century modern stuff floating around.....  Oh, dreams of a very large store house full of great OLD furniture in need of some loving care.... and a creative eye....
Well, I better get going.  The little one is getting very, very jealous of blogger right now.... I'm sure some of you can relate (Calysta:)

Toodles for now.


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