Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chicken Costume

One not so chicken-y chicken costume for Halloween.  Looks a little like something someone out there might wear on a full moon (this or nothing at all, I presume) slash a child toilet papered in jammies with a funny hat and a blankie.  And my house?  Well lets just it wasn't orderly after enduring my version of project runway.  Oh well.  I tried:) Still cute, in my opinion. I'm sure there will be a good chuckle over this come high school. 

Doing the chicken dance or just running- but the first makes a better story. 

PS.  June- This is your mothers afghan- I hope you don't mind that I stole a couple rows to make the wings.  I finished off the end and the blanket looks as good as new- I took the fringe off and I'm really liking the way it looks.  Washed and folded on my window seat.  And I promise I won't take any more of it:) 

Got Peanut Butter?

Handlebar mustaches are the coolest. 
Especially when they're peanut butter and you can eat it later.
Enjoying life, as usual.

Friday, October 14, 2011

What I've been up to.

Remember this painting that I worked so hard on? 

Well, its now this painting:

ahhh.  much better.  For me anyway.  The first one I was just trying too hard to be something I'm not and perhaps taking myself a bit too seriously?  You ever do that?  The new one makes me feel good and I think its pretty.   That's all I need. I'm a nut for all things graphic, I guess.  So, I've decided that in the future I'm going to cut myself some slack.  I'm always thinking everything has to be original and completely mine...but in reality, it doesn't.  Just something I like.  I snagged the idea from my friend Leslie's living room art work (thanks Les!).  Wish I had a picture to show you, but this is a spur of the moment- I've got a little time- post so no such luck.  Hers has three canvasses and I think they are perfect squares.  The image is somewhat similar- but hers has birds instead of flowers and hers is beige instead of blue.  I love it.  The three separate canvases really makes it stand out and I would have done mine that way had I not already gotten one gigantor one.  Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it.  For now.

and I think it looks pretty good with the mini picture display I'm working on right next to it. 
You know me.  I'll show you ALL the angles.
On the other side of the room is my oven and the shelves above.  I had to do some creative cropping to get my messy kitchen out of the picture:)  And of course, we've only had gray days for awhile now so the picture isn't the greatest (sorry).  Still learning how to tell my camera who's boss.  But anyway, I've been working on the arrangement up there.  I'm loving the letter craze so of course I stuck my initial up there- lest anyone forget- and I put a new basket up there (thanks for the gift certificate June!  This is one of my purchases) which I plan to fill with place mats and such once I find some I like. 
And up there on top of the bookshelf is another birthday purchase you may or may not be able to see.   An apothecary jar I plan to fill with something at some time or another.  Could I be any more vague?  Geesh.  I just love those pretty jars... 
Oh. and some shameless self promotion.  My latest note cards available on Etsy.  Good news front:  A shop in Waynesville MAY start carrying my cards on consignment in a few weeks.  She's all but said yes so keep your fingers crossed for me.  Oh, someone smile upon me please, and don't let them sit there gathering dust during the holiday season:) 

You guys have a wonderful weekend!  I'm hearing some wailing going on in the back room.  When exactly do they stop crying when they wake up? 

Talk to you guys soon.  Thanks so much for stopping by to seem me.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Botanical Prints and Links to Free Downloadables

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

The other day I was carving pumpkins (a little early but who cares) with a friend of mine and she asked me about her living room wall.  She had some ideas but wanted to see pictures to help visualize it.  The first image is a good representation of her description, I think. She wanted something large and library-y (Man I'm so good with words.  Its awesome.)  using either botanical prints or tree photographs.  She likes plants and maps and a neutral palate.  The second is a more artistic take on a similar theme.  Not necessarily something she would like, but I thought it was an interesting arrangement (aka I kind of love it).

The jackpot?  When I was looking for ideas for said friend, I came across a neat online resource for free, downloadable, botanical prints similar to the one below:

I discovered this from A Thoughtful Place after seeing this photo on pinterest.  It was kismet!  I didn't even have to search.  Below is her finished product using the free downloads:
It creates a very lovely, very traditional display that is welcoming and warm.  To browse the huge library of prints, click here (on the left of the screen will be an index of pages.  Find the prints where indicated by the word "plate".  To download, use the toolbar to the right of the image). You can also look here not just for botanical prints but a large selection of other types of vintage art. 

I found a few other resources.  Some offer prints for a fee, some are digital scans of books without copyright, some are purely informative:
Missouri Botanical Garden Press
The Botanical Register, Vol 3
A History of Botanical Art- Resources for Botanical Art Lovers

I really hope this helps some of you out there! Remember, if you happen to use this resource, send me a picture of the final product.  I'd LOVE to see it:)   Have a wonderful day....


PS.  I'm still looking for some good examples of an art wall using photographs of trees, but when I find it, you know I'll share:) 


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