Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Fabulous Misadventures of Sir Choo Choo Pants

I've been testing the potty training waters lately to see if my boy might be "ready".  Not quite sure what this means yet, but mothers all around assure me- I'll know.  He's been showing signs, but I wasn't sure if they were the correct signs.  The other day I bought him some Thomas underpants as an experimental measure- to see if the great persuasive power of the choo choo applied to potties as well.  I put some on Bear, Sam's dearest friend, just before bedtime last night to see if he might forge the way for Sam.  I know its pretty early to be thinking these things, but man, I'd love to put the money in his piggy bank, as opposed to the hands of the Huggies corporation. And it'd be nice to deposit a few less to the landfill. 
Here is Bear all dressed up and ready to go.  He's worn only a diaper until this point.  Seems Bear is becoming more high maintenance with every passing day:) 
One of the signs I've been noticing is that Bear has to go potty after Mama goes potty.  AND if I'm not paying attention, Bear gets dunked in the potty (it only happened once- it was flushed- thank goodness- and he was thoroughly cleaned!  It happened to be his foot- a non-essential cuddling part.)  I put the baby seat on this morning so Bear could go potty to his little heart's content and without any coaxing from me, Sam brought the little bitty potty from the other room and sat next to Bear. 
And sat some more.

And some more.  This was great fun, apparently.  And when he stood up, I checked his diaper and it was full.  So I was convinced he must be ready and I put him in his own choo choo pants, as we like to call them.  Sitting here, I think too toot pants might be funnier...  But I won't mess with a good thing. 

He didn't want anything else on, of course, and proceeded to be a wild man.  I made sure to tell him several times to let me know when he needs to go potty and after he came running over to tell me he needed to go potty- diaper on- I told him he could have candy if he went in the potty.  He refused because doing so, he'd have to part with his beloved choo choo pants for a moment.  Talk about a plan backfiring:) Then he played for what seemed like an eternity as I hawk-eyed him. And I thought that maybe he didn't really have to go.
But, when I gave him some "goose" (juice) to speed up the process, he went mid sip without batting an eye right on the kitchen floor.  Thanks buddy for choosing a nice, easy spot to clean. Sooooo not ready.  I guess I need to wait a little longer. 

I tried this about a month ago because he seemed more ready than he does even today.  But, after a failure (and complete regression), I decided to wait a month and try again.  But I wonder if my hastiness might be doing more harm than I know.  Am I setting my son up for failure and hurting his confidence?  Or, am I thinking too much about it?   Then there's the treat incentive.  He was upset over the candy and I realized after the exercise in futility was over that I handled that poorly.  I don't want him to feel punished if he doesn't go in the potty only rewarded if he does.  Next time I will not mention the candy until its done and the pee pee's in the pot.  Maybe I shouldn't give him candy at all?  hhhhhh. Being a mother is HARD.

I'd love to hear any potty training stories you might have, and/or any sage advice. 

We'll be spending the holidays in Columbus.  Lately I've been a little, shall we say, scatter brained and I'm wondering if its the holidays, or the dark days, or maybe I've always been this way, or maybe I lost a bunch of brain cells in child birth.  Returned family video videos to the library, and red box videos to family video..... please, could I have another place to return stuff to?  Its not complicated enough yet:)   Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend and putting other people charge of the logistics:)

Hope all is well.  Enjoy yourselves. 

Lotsa love,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Watercolor Vintage Plane Diagram

Watercolor Airplane Diagram

Was approached by a friend for some personalized stationery.  She told me a little about what her husband likes and this is what I came up with. Thought it turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself:).  Will print this image on some stationary for her.  

I like the idea of doing artwork on commission:)

Been busy with play dates and pot lucks but enjoying a lazy nap time today.  What are you guys up to?  Enjoying the holiday season?


Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet, Simple, Bright and Cozy Holiday Style

In case you're like me and need a little festive jolt, I pulled some photos together from around the net that were particularly wonderful to me.  They're all sweet, simple, bright, and cozy. 
Source: via Kelly on Pinterest
Just finished reading a novella called Skipping Christmas by John Grisham. A book club book meant to inspire Christmas spirit.  A man and his wife find themselves with and empty nest for Christmas and instead of spending the thousands they normally spend on festivities they decide to skip Christmas all together and go on a cruise.  The news is not well received among neighbors and friends and the story follows as the two find themselves in moderately funny predicaments fighting to forgo the holiday. 
Really, the book left me with the feeling that perhaps Mr. Grisham should stick to legal thrillers. There wasn't much for me in it.  Meeting with the group tonight and I'll be interested to see their take on it.    It wasn't a total loss though.  I liked the idea. When Christmas traditions are broken down and analyzed by a very cynical and practical protagonist, its hard not to see the silliness of it. 

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

However, Grisham's main point, I think, was not to say that Christmas is bad, but instead, that sometimes the meaning of the holiday can be lost in execution.  And, to this I raise my glass. I've been known to loose sight on more than one occasion.  There's no changing it though.  I love Christmas.  And I don't even think its because of the presents.   

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

 What I know I love about Christmas time:
Trees with twinkling lights
dark nights
the smell of pine and cookies
good bookies
a fire that's warm and smelly
warm cheeks and a full belly
Christmas parties with good, good friends
Laughing so hard you have to bend

What do you guys like or dislike about Christmas?  Don't worry, it doesn't have to rhyme.

Hoping to be back this week with some of my holiday decorating progress.  Although, the prognosis isn't looking good.  I've got one wreath hung and beyond that I'm just tired:)

Thanks guys.  Smell ya later.



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