Thursday, January 5, 2012

Black and White Photos

This holiday was a great one, full of fun and laughs and lots and lots of lazy time, just us three.  And now we're back to it, then, I guess.  Same ol', same ol'.  I find that Sam misses Daddy this time around, which is new.  He has a little camera, my old one, that has pictures of Daddy on it- he asks to look at them every morning after good byes have been said and breakfast is on the table.  Read him a book today - a boy and his Daddy are playing and reading.  I could see that Sam paid extra attention to this part.  I love that my boy loves his Daddy.  He has a good one.

Sam 2011
This week I've been pulling old photos and converting them to black and white.  I want to frame them all and put them into a collage on some new shelves in my living room.  Its been fun looking at years past and thinking of years to come.  Which photos will really mean something to us when Sam's say, going to college, learning to drive, going on his first date?  I chose this one because this is where we play in the summer, in the side yard where its cool.  And Sam looks chubby and his hair is a little longer. 
Me- 2008?
I remember the day Jason took this picture so clearly.  Our first house together and here we sat waiting for the realtor to show up with the keys. It was par for the course on this transaction.  So, we waited and waited and waited some more.  Laughed.  Jittered with excitement.  Didn't really care at all because the day was nice and we had something all ours. If we didn't have to wait, we may never have taken this photo. 

Jason and Kelly-2006?
This one's an oldie and to tell you the truth I've never looked twice at it.  Its the day Jason graduated with a physics degree from Ft. Lewis College.  Can you tell I was happy/relieved/annoying?  Sam wasn't even a twinkle in our eyes... we still thought kids seemed like a lot of work (heh heh).  But I like this one because I was busted making a really, really ugly face (as I often do) and Jason looks like himself- unlike his normal eyes closed, get this over with picture face.  I also like it because this is something that's happened maybe a million times (me giving Jason a bear hug), but at the same time happens to be a very huge moment in both our lives.

Some family photos I love.  The first is the Stafford clan, taken in Florida.  The second is the Hosack clan on Sam's first birthday.  I'm just sad my sister's husband isn't in it.  I'm sure I'll need to change these out as life goes on... They are both cute and relaxed...

November 6, 2009
I call this one "thank goodness its over".  And I chose it because its quite possibly the worst/best day of my life and the fact that I could summon a smile, albeit a small one, after that ordeal speaks volumes:)
I really just like the light of this one and the arrangement.  Sam can't be anything but real at this point, but I feel it conveys maternal things....

 Its interesting to think of photos from the past- photos you grew up with that have become almost iconic like this one of my grandfather (which will also be included in my collage)
Or this one of my grandmother
and wonder which of my own photos have so much to say?  What is it about them that makes them so striking to me?  Is it the old car and pipe, the sweet way my grandmother sits by the tree in her nicely buttoned sweater?  I worry sometimes that I'll miss that genuine moment, when and if it ever happens, or be unable to see it in a photo I've taken.  I want that moment that just captures a person as they are without prep or a moment to arrange. 

So this year, I want to capture defining moments by living in the moment. I have a little bit of shyness taking pictures when other people are around.  Hence so many photos of Sam at home.  I want to get out there with my camera.  I want to do more, plan more, be active.  No more wasting time dreaming of houses that will come soon enough or things unattainable as yet.  I want to enjoy life as it is...

Hope all is well with you... Have you made any resolutions?

Talk to you soon



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