Thursday, June 28, 2012

Exciting News and Some New Samples

Hello all! How are you?  Hot?  Ditto!

Something exciting happened to me the other day that literally made me do the happy dance. I was on the computer, as I often am and JUST getting ready to shut er down for the day, when something popped up on my Spoonflower feed.  I looked at it.  I blinked my eyes and I looked at it again.  I scratched my head.  Could it be?  Someone out there, a person I don't know, nor am I related to, bought 9 yards of my fabric? NINE!  Happy dance commenced.  This is what she bought.  And after contacting her, I learned that she plans to make curtains.  Ah, yes.  Perfect. 

Light Blue and Yellow Pattern
I'm still kind of ecstatic about it and it turns out to be just the little nudge I needed to get myself into learning mode once again, something I've kind of been pushing off.  I showed you my book stack on yesterday's post.  Its a little daunting to me as I am quite possibly and old dog at this point:) but I'm going to get through at least the ones that include photoshop tutorials.  The business ones? eh.  I may or may not get through them:)  Talk about BORING:)

These are part of a large package of samples I received in the mail from Spoonflower yesterday afternoon.  They are 8in. x 8in.  It is a very, very large pattern. It is intended to be used for drapes, or as a duvet or a shower curtain.  I may make a smaller repeat for pillows and smaller things. 
I really LOVE the pink and yellow combo.  Also really liking the green and blue and the coral and blue.  I also love the yellow and white combo.
I kind of feel like I'm scattered all over the place these days with about a million different interest.  Its kind of my fatal flaw, I think:)  I know I haven't had any good crafts lately, or any good Sam stories and I'm sorry about that.  We're napping again, for the moment, so I might feel like I have more time for things like this.  Hopefully I'm not loosing you:) 


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy, busy

My reading list.

My work in progress.

My project to be. 

There's also a mountain of dishes in the sink and a floor full of toys (I thought I'd spare you pictures). Someone needs to put those crazy things AWAY.  Projects are way more fun though, don't you agree?

Friday, June 22, 2012


I took a watercolor class recently.  I really feel like I learned a lot and I had such a nice time.  I'm not normally the type to commit to something like that- sounds funny, I know, but I naturally rebel against routine.  So, having to attend a class every week at the same time was always a little difficult for me.  I went to every. single. class.  That is kind of amazing for me.  I found myself looking forward to it even though it was extremely challenging for me.  Anyone in the class might have thought I was miserable because there was a lot of heavy sighing and an occasional slam of the paint brush on the table.  The instructor said, and I quote, "See, you have yourself a nice little painting even though you had to start over and threw a few tantrums a long the way."  hmmm.  You mean you noticed?  embarrassed:)  Not really, I loved how straight forward he was.  It was true:) 

The picture above is some practice I've been doing using some of the skills our instructor tried to teach us.  I was trying to apply some of the concepts to my own., original work specifically working on contrast and shadow.  Its a little sloppy in some parts and I'm not crazy about the composition, but I'm not going to sweat it because this is just practice.  I found that after working on it awhile each flower got a little better, each a little more deliberate.  So overall, a very productive practice session in my opinion.  There are a few parts I actually even like:

Its all part of the new attitude I'm working on.  I recently read the book The Talent Code: Greatness isn't born, its grown. Here's How at the recommendation of my mother-in-law. It kind of takes the magic out of what makes talented people talented. It helped me realize once and for all that talented people don't just wake up that way, as I've always kind of believed.  Its more a matter of drive, desire and just plain old hard work and practice.  I don't know why its taken so long for me to figure this out:)  The book discussed some of the really effective methods people use when practicing and I found it really interesting and helpful.  So here I am, practicing my little heart out:)  And if its not Van Gough- well, oh well.  Its practice. 

Have a wonderful day!



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