Thursday, January 16, 2014

Watercolor Letter Practice With My Preschooler

My son and I like to use watercolors together sometimes.  Its a good opportunity for us both to do something fun together.  I love watercolors mainly because clean up is easy, and the commitment is small and there is little chance I can ruin my brushes.  I like the way it looks, too- but I'm really practical these days.  I suppose you could do this same project with finger paints or something, but I'm not down with cups of open paint EVER - if my son doesn't knock it over, I will.  Watercolors are way more simple, all the way around.
Last winter we sat down at the table for painting togetherness and I decided it was a good opportunity to help him practice his letters:

I wrote the letters with pencil:
Got out some water and brushes:
I started by brushing the letters with water to make it a little easier for him (one row at a time to keep it from drying too quickly):
And he went to town:

He was very proud.  And I got to do this:


 Fun times!!!


  1. So cute! This would be fun to try! (If I'm having a particularly 'I'm feeling ambitious' kind of crafty day. :) )

    1. He he, Susan. You better watch out, I'm going to start thinking you LIKE crafts:)



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